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         The Southwest Licking team consisting of the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Curriculum Consultant, K-5 and 6-12 Instructional Technology Coaches, and Literacy Coordinator work together to provide a 21st century education in an everchanging global enviornment. High school students are participating in a variety of additional College Credit Plus opportunities both in Watkins Memorial High School and at outside entities.  Programs such as College Credit Plus give our students an opportunity to earn free college credits before even graduating from high school. Students have the option to complete an entire freshman year of college if they enroll and successfully complete the appropriate coursework. In addition, with the help of Amazon, the high school started a robotics club to continue the framework the middle school previously created with their STEM and Robotics programs. Students in both buildings will now have hands on opportunities to participate in Robotics competitions and experience learning through a complexity of 21st century methods.  Students in kindergarten and first grade will be continuing their involvement with STEM activities in their STEM Friday’s at Kirkersville.  Our youngest students are being afforded opportunities to dive in with project based learning using complex thinking skills.

         Academically the district is continuing to thrive. The 2016-2017 state assessment scores show a percentage increase in 21 of the 23 tested areas in our core content courses. Increases of up to 18% can be seen from the previous school year which shows firsthand how hard the students and faculty are working together in this district.  All 23 tested areas have Southwest Licking students significantly ahead of the state average once again demonstrating what a great school district we have.  Later this fall, a more detailed report card will be released from the Ohio Department of Education outlining all performance, attendance, academic, growth, and graduation data used to rate the district and individual buildings. 

Technology Integration

         Previously students in third through seventh grade participated in blended learning classrooms having the opportunity to devise individualized learning paths through the use of technology. Neighboring teachers were equipped with a chromebook cart to share in their classrooms to help students through a variety of learning endeavors. Students in the elementary buildings focused more on the station rotation model whereas our older students spent time exploring technology through a variety of platforms. For the upcoming school year, students in second and eighth grade will join this group as they will also be afforded opportunities to explore learning through technology.  Our younger students in kindergarten through second grade will continue their use of technology with iPad stations, chromebook carts, and interactive lessons using a variety of tech tools. High school students will have access to chromebook carts, digital labs, and additional technology based on selected electives.

         Students will continue to participate in the 2:1 philosophy with technology to encourage opportunities to work with a variety of technological components while also giving our teachers the latitude to teach their classes. This method allows teachers the ability to differentiate their instruction based on the variety of learning styles in their classroom. Students are exposed to new and innovative technology while still using additional methods of learning. We believe this approach to education allows different learning opportunities helping to foster a well-rounded student in preparation for their next level of their individual education.  

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