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Philosophy of Gifted Education

Children are a valuable resource. The individual and society receive maximized benefits when attributes are enhanced and developed. Gifted children and youth are a unique group, who, due to high intellectual ability, need and profit from an educational program that provides curriculum beyond that available in the normal classroom. Students benefit from a curriculum that extends their learning in depth, breadth, and complexity at an accelerated pace. 

Southwest Licking Local School recognize the responsibility to provide an educational environment in which each individual can develop character, leadership, service, and scholarship according to his/her abilities and needs.

To accomplish these goals, Southwest Licking Local Schools offer many differentiated programs. The district is committed to providing organized, diverse programs for students to offer educational experiences commensurate with the gifted students' learning abilities.

Voyage Program
Gifted Elementary Service for Southwest Licking Schools

Ohio requires each school district to identify gifted students.  Southwest Licking Local Schools offers whole grade testing in second and fifth grade. Parents, teachers, and peers may also nominate individual students for testing for gifted identification.  If interested, please fill out the nomination form located on the right. 

Gifted identification criteria are set forth by the state. To be identified as gifted, a student must score two standard deviations above the mean, minus the standard error of measurement.  This translates to scoring in the 95th percentile in a specific academic area and/or a 128 CSI (Cognitive Score Index).  

Southwest Licking Local Schools offers gifted service starting in third grade with the Voyage Program.  Voyage is a pullout class, which students in grades three, four, and five attend one day a week. Students expand the academic content standards across all subjects in more depth, breadth, and at a faster pace. In addition, the coursework seeks to develop critical and creative thinking skills as well as the social and emotional skills specific to gifted children. According to research, this type of focus in the enrichment class will lead to greater academic improvement and result in gains in critical and creative thinking (Rogers, 2002, 221-223).    Participation in the elementary gifted program does not guarantee placement in the middle school gifted class.

Rogers, K. (2002). Reforming Gifted Education
Scottsdale, AZ; Great Potential Press.
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