Parents and Students

PreK-12 Notification Parent Portal Usage Instructions  - this must be done each year.

Step One: From your primary phone number dial PreK-12Notification Hotline: 1-800-846-4976.

Step Two: Audio Menu

Press 1 to listen to your school’s most recent PreK-12Notification message.

Press 2 to Manage your Contact information or Setup or Change your Pin Code.

If you have not yet set up a PIN, the system will prompt you to enter the four (4) digits to beused as your PIN (ex: 9921). If you already setup a PIN, it will give you these options:

• Press 1 to Change you PIN and then enter a new four (4) digit PIN.

• Press 2 to ADD up to THREE MORE PHONE NUMBERS to your contact list:

• Press 1 to add a Phone Number (enter 10 digit phone number, press 1 if correct, 2 if not) Add up to 3 numbers

• OR Press 2 to delete a current phone number.

• OR Press 3 to hear current numbers.

• When you are finished updating your contacts Press 4

Press 3 for Email information (Go to to add email/text addresses

Press 4 to return to the Main Menu

 Step Three: Go to and click Parent Login

Login ID is your ten (10) digit primary phone number (ex: 3305551234) and Password (PIN) is the four (4) digit PIN that you created earlier. Parents can add up to three phone numbers in addition to their primary phone number and they can add up to four email OR text message addresses. All phone numbers are called for emergency calls. For informational calls, only the primary phone number is called OR the phone number that is chosen in the Parent Portal for a particular sublist is called. Emails and text messages are sent for all calls.

 Add a New Phone Number click the yellow box on the right side of the Phones bar - Enter the ten (10)

digit phone number (ex: 3305551234) - Enter a description of the new number (ex: Dad’s Cell, Home, etc.) - Click Add Phone. You can add 3 phone numbers.

 Select your Primary Phone number for sublists: After you have added your cell phones and other phone numbers, you can CHOOSE which of your numbers get called for each sublist you are on, by using the pull down menus. Note, ALL phones will be called in an emergency and text messages and emails will be sent with all calls. However, only ONE phone will ring for calls to any non-emergency sublist.

 Editing Phone Numbers - find the number under the Phones list and click Edit under the Actions column. From there you can make any changes necessary and when you are done click the Update button.

 NOTE:  Parents can NOT change their primary phone number. They must call Shawn Toy at 740-927-3941 ext. 2002 to change the primary phone number if they need assistance or do not have internet capability.

 • Adding Email/Text Message click the yellow box on the right side of the Emails bar • Enter your email address or text message address ( - Enter a description. You can add up to four email or text messages.

• Click Add Email.

Note: To view individual child records, choose Select Organization in the blue bar at the top of the webpage. When you are finished updating your information click Logout under Main Menu on the left side of the page

If you would like to opt out of this notification service or have questions please contact Shawn Toy at 740-927-3941 x 2002 or by email at to have your name and telephone number removed from the list.
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