Additional Information

Additional Information

Transfer Students

Students new to the district who have been identified as gifted (per the gifted identification process for transfer students) will be served in the appropriate classroom based on availability. The following school year the child will be considered for gifted services using the placement process.

Students Identified as Gifted Not in Gifted Services

Teachers are notified of all students who are gifted in their general education classrooms. The Coordinator of Gifted Services and teachers of gifted services are available as resources to general education teachers differentiating for students identified as gifted. Students may want to take advantage of the enrichment opportunities offered throughout the district and community.  

The RTI Process 

The IResponse to Intervention (RTI) process is a method used to monitor and assist students not achieving at their level of ability.  Gifted students performing on grade level may be performing below their potential ability.  Teachers and families need to monitor student performance to initiate intervention assistance when an achievement/ability gap occurs.  

While gifted students have great potential for academic success, instances occur when children struggle to perform at their expected level of achievement.  Even a student performing above grade level may not be meeting his or her full potential due to curricular, behavioral, or affective issues.  Open communication between families and teachers is essential. Teachers will implement interventions in the classroom and the school. If these interventions are not successful, teachers and parents should follow Southwest Licking Local School District’s RTI process before considering withdrawal from services.

Refusal of Services

If a family wants to remove their child from gifted services, whenever possible a meeting will be convened to determine whether the student will remain in the service with interventions put in place or a timeline for removal. A student who withdraws from gifted placement will not be accepted back into the service during that same school year. 

Parents or guardians must complete a refusal of service form every year that service is refused. This form is available from the building principal or Coordinator of Gifted Services. The form will be signed by the building administrator and Coordinator of Gifted Services and placed in the student’s permanent file. A meeting will not be required after the initial withdraw though a refusal of services form must be filed each year the student is offered placement in gifted services. 

Refusal of Gifted Services  


We welcome family and community members to enrich our gifted programming in our district. In particular, we are always looking for adults willing to mentor our students, organizations who can involve our students in their work, adults willing to share unique experiences and careers, and adults and high school students willing to volunteer in the classroom or oversee special activities like chess or quiz bowl.  If you are interested in volunteering, you will need to complete the district's volunteer process. Please contact your child's teacher(s) or the Coordinator of Gifted Services for more information

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