The Purpose of the Assessment Program

The Southwest Licking Local School District Assessment Plan is a document that outlines the instruments and strategies utilized to plan and monitor the district’s instructional programs. 

Individual assessment data is collected to provide parents, teachers, and administrators with information to monitor a child’s learning and progress.  Individual data is used for planning educational programming aligned to the individual needs of students. Whole grade or building assessment data is used to identify grade level and content area strengths and weaknesses within classroom instruction or the curriculum. 

District and state mandated assessments take less than 5% of a teachers designated instruction time each year. The information and data each assessment derives is utilized for a variety of decisions, planning, and future programmatic selections.

Formal assessment data is used to:

  • diagnose individual student strengths and weaknesses
  • focus learning and instruction on areas of needed growth
  • make informed decisions for post secondary options
  • report the performance of individual schools and the overall district
  • evaluate the effectiveness and the quality of school programming and curriculum
  • assist with special program eligibility determination

The Southwest Licking Local School District is committed to academic excellence and strives to utilize assessments to help individual student success and overall building and district growth. This document will provide guidance to district personnel to support achievement in all aspects of student learning. This comprehensive plan was developed with input from building level administrators, the Director of Curriculum, Assistant Superintendent in conjunction with the Curriculum Committee. This plan will be annually reviewed along with student and building performance data to help make informed decisions.  

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