Gifted Services

Gifted Services

Programming Objectives

National Association for Gifted Students has published gifted programming standards and student outcomes. Southwest Licking Local Schools has created programming that supports these standards and outcomes. Teachers of the gifted strive to accomplish these objectives and create a learning environment for students to obtain NAGC outcomes. Please see the link below for more information. 

NAGC Programming Standards 


Students in gifted services at the elementary and middle school levels can expect to complete approximately the same amount of homework as their age peers. Usually homework will be focused on providing additional practice.  Please discuss any homework concerns with your child’s teachers.

Written Education Plan (WEP)

Instruction of students placed in a gifted service shall be based on the individual's needs and be guided by a written education plan.  Per state law, students who are served by the school district must have a written education plan (WEP). The district shall provide families with periodic reports regarding the effectiveness of the placement provided in accordance with the child's written educational plan. Families are asked to return the written education plan acknowledging receipt of the WEP. The signed WEP will be placed in a student’s permanent file. 

Programming Evaluations

It is important that our gifted programs adapt to the needs of our students and the communities. Therefore, each year students and their families will be asked to participate in a survey about gifted services. The survey is anonymous. The results of the surveys are used to improve our programming.

Gifted Services

Each year we reevaluate our gifted services based on program surveys, current district resources and needs, current state regulations, availability of staff to provide gifted services, and other factors. Therefore, gifted service offerings are subject to change. 

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