Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS)

WMS PBIS Information

Explanation: PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Support)  is a broad range of systemic and individualized strategies for all students aimed at achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior. PBIS’s key attributes include pro-activity, data-based decision making, and problem-solving orientation. 
PBIS PLEDGE: We are respectful, we are responsible, we are resourceful, and we are Warriors!
Watkins Middle School has 12 Building Character Traits/Expectations that we teach students and expect them to display throughout the school year.
12 Building Character Traits/Expectations:

1.    Responsible

2.    Respectful

3.    Resourceful

4.    Good Judgement

5.    Intentional

6.    Kind

7.    Time management/organization

8.    Classroom

9.    Cafeteria

10. Restroom

11. Hallway

12. Extracurricular activities/assemblies

Opportunities for Student Rewards:


On A Roll

Each month staff are asked to provide the name of a student who has been “On A Roll.”  These students will have their picture taken and will be recognized on the Warrior of the Month sign in the main lobby of the building.  Administration will also choose three staff members who have been “On A Roll” that month.  

Student of the Quarter

Each grade level will be asked to provide the name of a male and female student who have stood out during the current quarter.  Those students will be given a special certificate at a district Student of the Quarter presentation prior to the board meeting.

Positive Behavior Tickets

Students who are displaying expected Warrior behavior will be given a ticket at teacher discretion.  Students will place these tickets in a bucket located in the main office.  Drawings will be made weekly for students to win a small prize.  Tickets can be distributed in the classroom, hallways, cafeterias, during assemblies, etc.

Ultimate Warrior Award

Ultimate Warrior Award certificates will be given by staff members to students who go above and beyond in the area of effort, citizenship, and behavior.  Teachers will turn in these certificates to a designated location in the office.  On the last day of each month certificates will be pulled at random and rewards will be provided.

Homeroom (1st period) Attendance Rewards

Each month homerooms who achieve a 94% attendance rate will receive an award to be posted on the classroom door.  Each homeroom per grade level with the highest attendance rate will receive an additional incentive.

Effort and Citizenship:

In addition to quarterly report cards, WMS also records an effort and a citizenship score for each student.  While letter grades indicate student achievement, we feel it is also important to evaluate students on characteristics that do not necessarily show up in ProgressBook.  

Those scores are averaged and quarterly rewards are provided by PBIS based on the student’s score.  A student must obtain at least a 1.9 to earn a reward.

Follow this link to view the Effort and Citizenship Rubrics:  Effort and Citizenship Rubrics 2019-20

Follow this link to view the PBIS Behavior Expections Matrix:  PBIS Behavior Matrix 2019-20 

September 2019 Ultimate Warriors

September Ultimate Warriors
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