SWL Early Learning Center - Registration

Early Learning Center (Preschool) Application

The SWL Early Learning center is a Preschool for Special Education (PSE), which means that we have a student population that consists of students with disabilities and peer models. We aim to individualize programming to each student throughout the year tailored at their own pace, so that their learning experience is focused on their developing needs and skills.  Parents interested in applying for our Early Learning Center preschool can follow the steps below.  Complete information about the ELC Preschool is available HERE (click).
Step OnePeer Model Application
Click HERE to complete the Peer Model application for new students that are 3+ years of age, potty trained, AND NOT currently on an IEP (Individualized Education Plan).  If your student is currently on an IEP, please continue to Step Two. 
Step Two - Online Pre-Registration
Click HERE to complete the online pre-registration from any device if your student RESIDES WITHIN the SWL Boundaries. Once you have created your account and completed all questions within the online form, a detailed checklist will be provided to you to download.   If you have any questions about the pre-registration or checklist, please call 740-927-5437 during program hours. 
Step ThreeEnrollment Appointment and Student Screening
On the final page of the pre-registration, you will select and confirm an appointment date and time for each student to bring your documents to the ELC Secretary and for your student to complete a screening with one of our teachers simultaneously at our Early Learning Center, located at 927-B South Street in Pataskala.  Our Preschool is in the tall brick building that sits just north of District Office.  You will enter through the yellow entrance on South Street with the yellow awning. Please allow 15-30 minutes of your time once we get started.  Please be sure to have ALL documentation and tuition payment with you to complete enrollment or you may be asked to return for a second appointment.
  • Parent/legal guardian current Photo I.D.
  • Student’s original (or certified copy) Birth Certificate or comparable legal document
  • Completed Child Medical Statement (click)
  • Student’s complete record of Immunizations
  • TWO (2) proofs of residency in the district in the parent/guardian’s name including ALL PAGES of: current utility bill(s) OR proof of new service address for gas/electric/water/cable-internet/trash service, current lease agreement, or Deed/Settlement Statement from closing (see Pending Residency* or Residency by Friends or Family** below if you are unable to provide this information in your name)
  • Special Education or Homeschool placement information
  • Finalized court documents allocating parental/guardian rights
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