Summer Learning Opportunities

Summer Learning Opportunities
As summer is approaching, many families have reached out and asked about known learning opportunities for over the summer.  This list includes opportunities, programs, camps, and resources that we have discovered.   These programs are not endorsed by Southwest Licking Local Schools, nor are considered recommendations.   We simply searched, asked around, and compiled the list below.   
Some of the best things to do over the summer are to have your child read 15 minutes a day or more, practice their math facts, continue utilizing Lexia, and get physical exercise.  

Section 1: Opportunities for READING or MATH learning:

Section 2: Opportunities for Students with Specific Needs




How do I find books on my child's reading level. 
  1st: Ask your teacher what "DRA" your child is currently reading. 
  2nd: Go to one of the sites listed below to find books to get at the library or book store that match that reading level.   
However, it is always a good idea to provide books not just on their level but a few levels below their level to help with fluency and confidence.  As well as a few one level above to provide the next challenge for them. 

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