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Change My Address

All requests for changes of address on school records should be completed by a legal guardian and submitted for processing.  Changes in the actual physical address where the legal guardian and the student reside can be requested by completing the online Change of Address form, and by submitting current proofs of residency to, as listed on the form.  Click HERE to complete the online form and follow the prompts to submit the documentation needed.  

Bus Transportation following Change of Address

If your student rides the bus to/from school, and you are requesting transportation change only not due to a physical address change, a legal guardian must submit an online Transportation Information form so bus routes can be changed.  (Note: Any changes in the actual physical address will need to be authorized with the Change of Address process first, as described above.)  Once completed, the transportation department will review the change request. All transportation changes require 2-3 working days to take place.  Please call 740-927-5901 to speak with Transportation directly for any questions. Click HERE to complete the online form. 

** Please note: Beginning FALL 2021 for grades K-3 ONLY, the alternate bus stop must be in the same attendance area as your child. Alternate stops outside that area will not be approved.