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Report an Absence

Daily Attendance

If your child can not attend school for the day: 

Call our 24 hour attendance line: 

  • Early Learning Center - 740-927-5437
  • Etna Elementary - 740-964-3354
  • Kirkersville Elementary - 740-964-7141
  • Pataskala Elementary - 740-927-6994
  • Watkins Intermediate School - 740-964-5207
  • Watkins Middle School - 740-927-6807
  • Watkins Memorial High School - 740-964-3355

** Please leave your child's name and the specific reason for the absence.

If your child will miss school for a vacation or trip:

  1. One week prior to the absence the following form needs to be submitted to the building principal.  
  2.  Family Vacation/Trip Authorization Form
  3.  The principal will either approve or deny the request for the absences to be considered excused. 
  4.  Please communicate with your child's teacher to obtain work during your child's absence.