Q) Why do I get an error message when I try to go to the parent web-site?
A)You have to make sure you are typing in https://parent.laca.org since we use a secure connection. The s tells your browser to use a secure connection.
Q) Is the log in page case sensitive?
A)Yes. Your login and password are both lower case by default. You may change both once you successfully log-in.
Q) Can the teacher get to my email address and email me when the web-site is updated?
A) No, There is no way for the teacher to see the parent
Q) Why do I see some of my child's teachers email address, but not others, and why can't I click on them to send a message?
A)a) Teachers have to update their email address in Progress Book before they will show up on the parent web-site.
b) Progress Book does not hot-link the email address, so you cannot just click on it and have your email client pop up with the address already in the To: field, you will have to copy and paste the email address into your mail client manually.
Q) What if I change my login name and forget it?
A)There are links on the login page to have your user name or password sent to you via email.
Q) What do the absence codes mean?
A)School administrators should include an absence code cheat sheet when passwords are given out. You can also download a copy from here, or request one from the school office.
Q) What do I do if there is no data for a child?
A)Contact the school representative.  These representatives will verify that information was entered in the first place. If information was entered by the teacher and it still doesn?t not show up the teacher or school representative will report the problem to the Progress Book contact.
Q) How long do assignments, attendance, messages and other data stay?
A)All entered information is accessible throughout the school year based on the length of time set by the teacher. Please note that teachers do have the ability to remove info from the web-site.
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